Thirteen Involved Customer

Thirteen Involved Customer

What You'll Do: 

Take part in questionnaires and group project work sessions to develop ideas and plan ways to test services and processes in relation to housing, regeneration, branding, build specifications, community activities and much more.

Some specific examples would be:

· Reviewing policies and strategies

· Considering community fund project applications

· Observing complaints and performance data to look for trends

· Evaluating current customer communication methods such as social media and the Thirteen website.

Why You'll Love It: 
    As a student at Teesside University, working with one of the largest housing providers in the region and taking part in this role will improve your skillset and employability. This opportunity is a great way to directly improve the areas you live in whilst also improving your own in-work experience. This is a desirable quality that many employers often need from graduate job seekers. Your voice will be heard in the local community, and you will be able to influence Thirteen's services and be a part of the ongoing regeneration of the Tees Valley. It is a great way to connect with other local students and form new friendships.
What You'll Learn: 
You will learn skills such as: problem solving communication team and project work decision making structure of the business governance IT skills meeting skills research skills There will be various training opportunities for you to benefit from.
What We're Looking For: 
We are looking for people who live in a Thirteen Home, or within our local communities in the Tees Valley. We don't require any qualifications just enthusiasm to get involved. If you are passionate about where you live and making a difference through sharing your voice, then come and join us!      
Social Care
Older People
Redcar and Cleveland
0 Weeks Minimum
1 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Problem Solving
Phone Interview