Supporting a young person living in care. It is a befriending role that is built over time.

What You'll Do: 

 IV's take an interest into the lives, hopes and concerns of a child or young person, and are there to have fun!.  Becoming an IV is all about having fun! We match our volunteers with young people who have similiar interests and ideas of how to have fun! Some examples of the activities IV plan include:

  • Going Bowling
  • Grabbing a bite to eat
  • Going for a walk
  • Having a kickabout 


And much more! The idea is to become a friend to a young person, and that would include being a supportive and consistent figure in a young person's life.

Why You'll Love It: 
Being an Independent Visitor is a totally unique volunteer experience, and you will love the satisifaction of bringing a real sense of stability and source of fun to a young person's life. Becoming a befriender is all about connecting with a young person on a level you both find enjoyable, as we try to match each IV with a young person of similiar interests.    You'll experience an amazing feeling of being able to have a positive influence on a young person's life, all whilst doing acitivites you both enjoy!
What You'll Learn: 
Each volunteer's experience is totally unique, but there are certainly some things all volunteers acquire and learn about themselves, such as; The ability to connect with young people Being able to have fun and plan exciting activities  Acquiring the ability to be compassionate and understanding of a range of situations Being consistent and sticking to a commitment  
What We're Looking For: 
We are looking for volunteers from all walks of life! We want to hear from people no matter the background, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or interests, in fact, the more diversity the better!   All we ask is that you are 21+, can travel, and can commit a couple of hours twice a month for two years.  (there is flexibility around when this would be).   This helps both you and the young person get the absoute most out of the befriender scheme, and creates a sense of consistency. 
Young People
104 Weeks Minimum
1 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Active listening

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