Ecommerce Photographer

Photographer required to create attractive photos for Online shop and eBay to maximise ecommerce sales.

What You'll Do: 

Working with our listers, this role would be responsible for maximising an item’s saleability by creating high quality, eye catching and detailed photographs to support the description provided by the listers. It would involve photographing a wide variety of items, from clothing and accessories to books and music and homewares. Photographers would make use of our studio lighting equipment and any display aids to enhance the quality of the pictures taken. Photographers may use the store's camera or their own if preferred. Volunteers will need to commit to a minimum of 8 hours per week.

Why You'll Love It: 
We are a large, friendly and diverse volunteer team, doing our best to raise money to bring an end to poverty. You will learn new skills, add work experience to your CV, and hopefully have a good time while you're doing it!
What You'll Learn: 
You will gain experience of working as an ecommerce photographer, working quickly to produce photos of a good standard, which display items for sale as attractively as possible. You will learn to work within a large, diverse team, but you will also be able to work productively by yourself in a studo setting. 
What We're Looking For: 
We are looking for someone who is a hard worker with a good eye for detail, able to work independently and produce good quality photos for use by our online listers.
Disaster Relief
8 Weeks Minimum
8 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Time Management
Commercial Awareness
Skills you should possess: 
Languages you should know: 
Professional working
In-Person Interview