Our Charity patrols Middlesbrough Town Centre each Saturday evening from 22:30 until 02:00 Sunday, we look out for vulnerable people who may need assistance or sometimes just a friendly chat. We offer Flip-flops, Water, First Aid and Hot Drinks

What You'll Do: 

You will work as part of our Team (which is usually 4) - a Team Leader, First Aider plus two support Members. We are non-judgmental in our approach and will stop and chat with anyone who needs our help or maybe even just a chat. This opportunity will benefit those who enjoy mixing with the general public and also helping those who are vulnerable too. You will need a sympathetic ear and a willing approach. We also try to pick up and dispose of as many empty glasses and bottles as we find and put them in the nearest bin

Why You'll Love It: 
It's a chance to work as a Team, meet new poeple and hopefully 'Make a difference' you never know what that little chat you have with someone might do.....
What You'll Learn: 
We can offer you Training - First Aid and also Conflict Management. With experience you could be a First Aider,  be a Team Leader or even join our Management Team.
What We're Looking For: 
A willing approach, a sympathetic ear, someone who doesnt mind walking, someone who works well within a Team but can use their own initiative and of course social skills as we stop and chat to a lot of people
Mental Health
4 Weeks Minimum
5 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Active listening
Problem Solving
Interpersonal / Confidence
CV / Resume
Over 18
These documents must be completed: 

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