Student Led Fundraising Project for the British Heart Foundation.

What You'll Do: 

We’re looking for a group of passionate, driven, and altruistic students to be the voice of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in Teesside, and be the first student fundraising group we have in the area.

Our fundraising groups are at the heart of everything we do. With the funds they've raised and the support they've given, they've helped keep millions of hearts beating and had a hand in breakthroughs that have transformed our world.

Fundraising groups come in many shapes and sizes, and group members can have all kinds of motivations and skills. If you’re interested in becoming part of this group, you should have strong interest in the work we do, understand why our work is crucial to 7.6 million people in the UK and care about our cause. Whether you have a family member or friend with a heart or circulatory condition, have your own first-hand experience of dealing with a condition or think our research is incredible and want to help us fund more breakthroughs, it’s important that the BHF is important to you.

Being part of the 'Teesside University - BHF Student Fundraising Group', means that you will be able to work autonomously as a team. Making use of your skills, experience and contacts, you will come up with unique and creative fundraising events - and how you do this is up to you! You might want to organise several small events throughout an academic year or work on a couple of big ones to create an impact and leave a legacy.  

We’d love our members to stay part of this group for the duration of their study and be able to recruit new members into roles, ready for when they graduate.

Your group will get face to face support from a BHF Fundraising Manager on a basis that suits you.

We have other student groups at different universities across the country and some of their successes come from ideas such as:

*Heart Themed Charity Balls
*Themed Prom Night
*Themed Gala
*Charity Fashion Show
*Charity Comedy Night
*Charity Theatre Performance
*Open Mic Night
*Music Festival
*Karaoke Nights
*Quiz Nights
*Movie Nights
*Charity Auctions  
*Sponsored Physical Challenges

Could you utilise your connections with other students and the subjects they are studying to do something similar?

Why You'll Love It: 
You'll be raising money for a very important cause. Our aim is to beat heartbreak for everyone. In the North East of England there are 380,000 people living with heart & circulatory diseases. We fund research into all heart & circulatory diseases, & the things that cause them. Every incredible breakthrough we’ve made is funded by the generosity of individuals & groups like you. The support of our communities makes a significant impact to our work. Because of them, we have helped fund 530 lifesaving defibrillators in the North East of England and have awarded nearly 280 free CPR kits to schools and community groups locally.   You can use the skills you're learning in your degree to support this project.    Extra cirricular activity can boost your employability in the future.   You'll learn to problem solve, collaborate, work alongside other students and appreciate the skills they'll bring to this project.    Most importantly you'll make new friends and have fun whilst giving back!        
What You'll Learn: 
We'll teach you about the British Heart Foundation and why supporting us is vital.  We want to work with Teesside University Students because our future breakthroughs depend on the younger generations who have the power to make incredible change. Every day in the UK 12 babies are born with a congenital heart defect & every week in the UK we lose 12 people under the age of 35 to sudden cardiac death, due to inherited heart muscle diseases. These stats are more aligned to students than they think. Our incredible scientists are now working on the first cures for inherited heart muscle diseases. Their aim is to repair the faulty genes in the heart with a simple injection to the arm. This is a mind-blowing breakthrough that we’d love students to get behind.
What We're Looking For: 
Key Roles in a Student Fundraising Group Group Leader Having a group leader to co-ordinate the group and give direction to plans and activities is a must! It needs someone with energy and enthusiasm who feels confident chairing group meetings and is good at bringing people together. Maybe you’re studying Performing Arts or Teacher Training and want to use your people skills to take charge. Or perhaps you’re studying Project Management and have exceptional organisational skills. Secretary Like the group leader, the secretary should have fantastic organisational and people skills, but should also have great admin skills! They should support the leader by setting meeting agendas and sending follow up correspondence and actions to members after meetings. During the meetings they should be taking registrations and notes. The secretary should also be able to step up into chairing the meetings if the Group Leader is unexpectedly unable. Finance Director A strong fundraising group needs someone who can manage a budget and is responsible for ensuring all money raised is counted, recorded, and banked in the right way. Perhaps you’re doing a degree in Accounting & Finance or Business and can utilise your skills here. Can you think of ways to save money and maximise income?  Group Members Members are an integral part of a fundraising group and are there to support activities in whichever way best plays to their strengths. Group members should be passionate about the cause but should also utilise their skills to turn that passion into action! Here are some member suggestions*:   *Event Lead/s A fundraising group can put on many events throughout the year and students who have skills in Event Management would be amazing! Could you join the group as an Event Lead and come up with some incredible events and lead on them? *Marketing Officer/s When the group has come up with an event brief, as a Marketing Officer could you devise the overarching campaign theme and strategy to make this a huge success? Student’s studying a Marketing degree would be perfect in this role! *Creative Lead/s Are you studying one of Teesside University's Art courses? Can you bring the concept of an event together through design? Be as creative as you want to make event promotion eye catching and interesting! *PR & Social Media Officer/s When you have your event ideas and plans ready, you need to spread the word! Students studying Journalism or Communications would be fantastic in this role. Promote your events in the local press, social media and other unique ways using your creative flare! *Broadcasting Officer/s If you didn’t take a picture, did it even happen? Use your Film & TV and/or Photography Degree’s and join the group to make sure your events are captured! *Tech Support Officer/s Technology is a crucial part of our everyday lives and no doubt your events will include some sort of digital element. Students who are studying IT or Business Technology could be perfect for a role in the group. Whether that’s looking into digital fundraising ideas or setting up the technical aspects at the event, having someone involved in the group with these skills would be hugely beneficial! *EDI Officer/s Are you passionate about promoting positive practices and attitudes, and care about Human Rights? Then join the group as an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer. EDI officers make sure people are treated equally and work to promote equality and reduce discrimination. Your student fundraising group should be an inclusive and safe place for all members and any activities or events created should follow suit for all involved. This includes, but is not limited to, racial equality, gender equality, LGBTQ+ equality, equality for disabled people and religious equality.   *When you have a full group, how you structure your team is completely up to you. The above is just a guide to get you going.  
Young People
0 Weeks Minimum
0 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Problem Solving
Statement of Motivation
In-Person Interview

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