We are a Middlesbrough based community charity and we care about the people in our community. We are looking for volunteers to help support us and our service users.

What You'll Do: 

You will be involved in various aspects of our charity, which can be discussed when we meet to talk beforehand. We offer learning opportunities, career advice and support, community wellbeing activities, IT equipment and we have an excellent cafe on site.

Our volunteers can get involved in all aspects of our support. Staff and volunteers are here because they want to make a positive difference to people's lives.


Why You'll Love It: 
You will enjoy working with a wonderful team of staff who all support each other aswell as the service users. We have a calm, friendly atmosphere with space to meet new people, help and gain experiences in a variety of working areas. We are a varied charity, diverse and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds. Every day is different and you will never be bored!
What You'll Learn: 
You will learn new skills in various areas such as admin, retail, customer service, maintenance, IT refurbishment, fundraising, learning and careers. You will alot from the people working here and you will get to work with some of our wonderful service users. You will gain valuable experience which will be great for your CV and also for future career prospects.
What We're Looking For: 
We are looking for people who are willing to try new things. Someone who is keen to gain experience in a variety of areas and someone who is able to communicate effectively with people. Most of all we are looking for people who care about others.
0 Weeks Minimum
0 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Active listening
Problem Solving
Cultural Awareness
Languages you should know: 
In-Person Interview

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