Matchday Volunteer

Matchday Volunteer

What You'll Do: 

You could be doing a variety of things but in the end we're happy to work with you on what that could be:


-Manage the gate; take money from fans coming in

-Help organise the changing rooms for players arrival & departure

-Assist in setting up the pitch before kick off

-General assisance 



Why You'll Love It: 
-All volunteers here at Thornaby Ladies FC -We're a big family, everyone looks after eachother and everyone helps eachother out. -You'll get branded matchday wear  -Be part of an amazing project -Ladies Football doesnt get any credit so you helping us is being part of us showing people Ladies football can have a great set up too. -We care about eachother at Thornaby, all the players and volunteers are one unit and treat eachother that way.
What You'll Learn: 
-Teamwork -Partnership  -Be part of something special  -Part of a cause  -Friendship -People Skills -Working with a team and managing yourself.
What We're Looking For: 
-Someone committed -Someone who wants to make a difference  -Friendly -Likes working in a team or as an individual 
12 Weeks Minimum
4 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Decision Making